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Customized USB flash drives is our specialty at EDP. You can also make your promotional flash drive any color, shape, size and capacity! Add your logo and artwork to make it one-of-a-kind.

With computers becoming more and more ubiquitous, computer accessories like Flashdrives are a fantastic medium to improve brand recall. Typically removable and rewritable while also weighing less than an ounce, these items are perfect travel companion. Use these cool accessories to advertise your company, as they are visible all the time. Not only can your logo actually be seen on them, you can even store and transport more product information and data on the device. For mobile access to your most important documents, these valuable pieces of technology are the best because of their secure nature and relevance to today’s busy lifestyles. Additionally, custom USB drives are also faster than an optical disc drive while containing more data in a much smaller space that is usually compatible with desktop or laptop computers, no matter what operating system the user runs.

We are capable of creating any print design for the outer covering of your promotional flash drives. We can place the name of your company/ school, your company/ school logo or a picture of your choice and such, imagination is only the limit. Our USB drives are high quality and heavy duty, unlike others kinds of flash drives which can be damaged easily, especially if dropped. Our USB drives come in storage sizes ranging from 2GB to 32GB capacity. We have a large number of USB cases to choose from. This ranges from traditional designs such as USB drives with detachable or swivel covers to more elegant and stylish designs such as model cars, airplanes, bottles and more. We will provide our customers all the designs we make for you to choose from. We always ensure that all of our products are top class and high quality. We will always provide you with products that will exceed your expectations every time. Promotional flash drives can really imprint your school or company to a recipient of such devices and is a sure way to remind them of you every time. They are EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA during any holiday season!!!



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